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Pro Street Lamborghini

Seriously, who doesn’t love a first generation Lamborghini Countach? Even though they’re from the ’70s, they just ooze ‘80s hotness and are still sexy head turners today. Even if you do get your hands on one and choose to drive it, the first thing that you’ll notice is that they’re not exactly a reliable mode of transportation, something that was true when they were new decades ago and even more so in their advanced age in super car years. This of course puts a damper on your newfound supercar driver fun, so what’s a guy to do? Chevy swap it, of course!

Ted from Wisconsin did just that with his 1974 Countach, though a simple LS swap wasn’t good enough for him. He went all in with a 454 big block in place of the original Italian V12. The all-American power plant sports a 8-71 blower, Dart aluminum heads, Manley stainless steel valves, billet 2 key crank,Eagle h-beam rods with L19 bolts, 7.5 to 1 forged blower pistons, Comp blower cam, and 2 Holley 850 Double Pumper Carbs. To keep things cool, the beast has 3 radiators – one big boy up front and single aluminum radiators in each rear quarter panels. The 454 makes an estimated 900HP, more than twice that of the original Lamborghini V12.

The stoppers are massive 11.75″ Corvette 4 piston discs and Koni coil overs keep the Countach hooked up. The Lamborghini also utilizes the factory air conditioning and heating systems which help keep the interior a little more original looking.

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