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Pulsar The Ultimate Man of Adventure

Mattel wanted to make some large action figures for the kids in 1976. This one was named Pulsar The Ultimate Man of Adventure. He was a towering thirteen and a half inches tall, which was two inches taller than the competition. He had some interesting aspects to those who liked biology, as his internal organs were all visible under his shirt. Get the story here on the Ultimate Man of Adventure named Pulsar in this enlightening article.

Steve Austin is all, “so this guy is just a regular dude?”

When the going gets tough, the tough get their organs pumping. This must have been the idea behind the Pulsar “Ultimate Man of Adventure”. He came with a pump on his back that made his lungs and heart start working, like a “pulse”. He was a large action figure and came with a sort of operating table that was called “Pulsar’s Life Systems Center”. He was a red and black good guy with white boots. His enemy was named Hypnos. If you used the pump on his back, the blood pumped through his body. His lungs would also start to breathe. His head popped open to reveal discs that were supposed to give him his mission. They did not turn or really do anything, but were there to play with. The Pulsar “Ultimate Man of Adventure” came in two versions, which were not that different from each other. The later version had the clear plastic chest piece that showed his innards all the way down to his legs. The first was clear just to the waist. His shirt was made of real cloth…. read more >

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