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Rare Bird

It’s easy to think we know everything there is to about the most romanticized eras of racing. Yet as newly discovered documents from the development of the Ford GT40 showed last month, there’s always new light to shed on the past, and one of the cars we’re still learning more about is the Plymouth Superbird. Built to ride the coattails of the Dodge Charger Daytona, the Superbird was one of the “aero warrior” cars that would’ve defined a new era of stock car racing, had NASCAR not legislated them out of competition. Nevertheless, Superbirds have become muscle car icons, whose histories we thought we had documented impeccably. It looks like we were wrong, though, because out from a garage in Texas has come a long-lost Superbird, one that might be the only example painted Rallye Red from the factory… read more >

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Wet hot Summer back in 1974

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