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Rare Factory Big Block Split Bumper Camaro RS/SS

This rare Camaro has a monster engine to back up its killer looks.

The mid-1970s saw a lot of awesome muscle cars bite the dust, and one such example of such is the big-block Camaro. The 1972 model year marked the last year you could get a big-block engine under the hood of a Camaro, and it also happened to be the last time you could get a Camaro SS until the performance trim level returned for the 1996 model year. Fortunately, Valenti Classics has a beautiful and rare big-block 1972 Chevrolet Camaro for sale decked out with the RS/SS performance goodies.

In terms of rarity, fewer than 1,000 big-block Camaros were produced in 1972, and while it would be easy to take 396 V8, drop it in a Camaro and slap on some “SS 396” badges, this car here is a legit big-block Camaro as proven by its VIN – the “U” in the fifth place of the VIN indicates the big-block 396 CID V8 with a four-barrel carb. This car is also a verified Super Sport model as proven by the “Z27” stamping on the trim tag under the hood… read more >

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