Rax Roast Beef Wrestling Cards

It’s the most elusive set of wrestling cards that exists. That’s veteran collector David Peck’s assessment of the 1979 Gulas/Rax Roast Beef Championship Wrestling set. And the fact that there are only three known complete sets reinforces his claim.

“During the span of eBay’s existence, there have really only been two times when cards from this set have popped up,” said Peck, who managed to purchase a set in 2016 after seven years of searching.

Long-time wrestling card enthusiast Bob Bryla, who possesses one of the other sets, says he didn’t even know about these cards until he visited his friend and former wrestler David Schultz “about 10 to 12 years ago” and found a card of Schultz (his last name is “Shultz” on his card, which is what he primarily used while wrestling) …read more >

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