Remember Demi Moore’s apartment in St. Elmo’s Fire?

Demi Moore holds a cigarette in a scene from the film St. Elmo’s Fire as Jules,

Demi Moore was once known as the most successful woman in Hollywood. Yet before her career took off, she was cast in what would become a pivotal role: St. Elmo’s Fire. Despite this being the film to launch her entire movie career, she still considers her performance in the movie “cringeworthy.” Particularly during one scene, which she can’t even bring herself to watch anymore.

In Moore’s memoir, she lets us in on her history with drugs and alcohol. In her early 20s, the actor was addicted to cocaine while working on General Hospital. But the director of St. Elmo’s Fire, Joel Schumacher, refused to let her star in his film unless she got sober. “Go kill yourself on someone else’s movie,” he told her. “I’m not going to let you kill yourself on mine.” Luckily, Moore entered rehab after that incident and remained sober for 20 years… read more >

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