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Remember when Jeep made Jeeps?

I get that things change, and some change is good, but anyone else miss ‘real’ Jeeps? While today’s models are as capable as ever, compared to the inherently lightweight scouting vehicles of years gone by, today’s models are jammed with the automotive equivalent of bloatware. It would be amazing to see a bare-bones throwback model, but until then, there’s always Roxor

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Laid Back

Steve Caballero takes it to the edge at Grants Ramp on Oahu back in 1986. Rector Protectors 1983 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Endless Wave

The Endless Wave Skatepark opened its gates in Oxnard, California back in 1977 and quickly became one of the hottest destinations for pro and amateur

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Great State of Kansas

President Donald Trump took to Twitter after the Kansas City Chiefs’ 31–20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV to congratulate the

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Don’t settle down and sit in one place. Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon. – Jon Krakauer Sworn To Fun Loyal

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