Remembering Broadway Candy

Remembering Broadway Candy 🍭, a true old school candy/newspaper stand in the Bronx, taken in the early 2000s on 35mm film. Sadly, most of Manhattan and the outer borough’s freestanding and storefront newsstands/candy stores started to vanish around 2003 when New York City enacted Local Law 64, which required owners to give up their stands but allowed them to operate City-owned structures at no cost. The “nail-in-the-coffin” happened in 2006 when the City signed a contract with the Spanish conglomerate Cemusa to build 3,300 bus shelters, 300 newsstands and 20 public toilets. Storefront-based newsstands also started disappearing around the same time as readership of newspapers and magazines declined. Please let us know if you had a favorite newsstand which you would visit and purchase candy or soda or newspapers and magazines from. H/T>

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