Remembering The Tamiya Frog

What do you get when you combine Californian Baja Buggies of the early 1980s, with an amphibian, and an old Japanese delivery truck? Well, in 1983, Tamiya got what was to become one of the greatest and most iconic R/C vehicles in history. The first time I ever saw a Tamiya Frog, I was about 7 or 8 years old and attending an outdoor Christmas Party with my parents. The party was being held in a public park, and at one point Santa Claus arrived with small gifts for all the children who were there, most of whom were toddlers… read more >

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Two-Lane Blacktop

Monte Hellman’s stunning 1971 film Two-Lane Blacktop is a loving ode to the practitioners of an art. “The driver” and “the mechanic” (James Taylor and

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