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American comics first came to Glasgow as ships’ ballast. In the sixties it seemed every other corner shop had a stash of these glossy-covered comics displayed on carousels or placed beside their tamer British counterparts like Beano, Topper, or Dandy. With comics like Thor, Hulk, Superman and co. it was difficult to keep collecting consecutive numbers as it was pot luck as to what arrived in the shop every month. I bought my first Spider-Man one Saturday morning when I accompanied my Grandfather to buy half-a-dozen well-fired Morton’s rolls from McGregor’s shop in Blairdardie. It became a habit that every month or so, I would buy a new Peter Parker adventure, or a Thor or Hulk, or even a Casper the Friendly Ghost. Though I had my favourites, I was never too fussed so long as it was American comic… read more and view the gallery >

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