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Road Trip to Angel’s Ladies

Angel’s Ladies is an abandoned brothel that features a roadside plane crash along Route 95 in Beatty, Nevada. The sun-baked roadside wreckage remains from a decades-old marketing stunt gone bad.

Angel’s Ladies, abandoned brothel in Beatty, NV on February 21, 2020. Photo by Peter Stringer

As the story goes, a mattress sat in the center of a large star painted on desert ground, and anyone who could successfully parachute out of the airplane and stick the landing on the makeshift bed would win a free night at the establishment

This promotion led to a crash of the twin-engine D-18 in 1978, and the downed bird and yellow sign have since earned unofficial landmark status. The brothel, however, has been closed since 2014. It’s a fun look at Nevada’s recent past, but there’s more ancient history awaiting just south of town down Route 374 in Rhyolite. H/T >

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