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Robin Lee Graham

Robin Lee Graham is the California boy who sailed around the world. In 1965 at age 16 he began his journey which took 5 years (and numerous cats, some of which unfortunately fell overboard or ran away while at shore) aboard the 24-foot sloop Dove. During the journey, he met and married his wife Patti, who became pregnant. Boat repairs due to storms caused long delays in port, which added to the length of the journey. Financial assistance was provided by National Geographic who published numerous issues about his voyage’s progress. Graham’s book about his voyage, Dove, was published in 1972. His voyage was depicted in a film, The Dove (1974) and in 1983 with co-author Derek Gill, Graham wrote a follow-up book titled Home is the Sailor. This gallery of shots from his amazing journey only makes me wonder how many other 16-year-olds could pull something like this off… I know I couldn’t.

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