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Ron’s Bug

“I got a white Volkswagen Beetle,” he said. “It was my way of saying, ‘Don’t put me in that other box (guys buying Corvettes because they were Hollywood).’” He said that the “very rooted, earthy, common-sense approach” of his father kept him sane and solid. He went on the 1st date with his wife in that bug, 48 years ago. During an interview with Playboy, he gave a lot more info: “Actually, the only car I loved was the first car I ever bought: a 1970 VW Bug. I drove it for five or six years and moved on. Then a few years ago, my brother-in-law found it in Redding, California. It had my college sticker on it. Someone was using it to deliver eggs. So he put a new engine in it and shipped it to me. That was the car that I courted my wife in. It seemed a lot roomier then, if you know what I mean. We drive it around now and smile with recognition.” Read the full article here>

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Can’t Stop the Music

On July 12th, 1979, during a White Sox-Tigers doubleheader at Comiskey Park, Chicago radio station WLUP sponsored “Disco Demolition Night,” charging a discounted ticket price

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Dump ‘Em Out

Summer is definitely upon us… come on news lady, dump ’em out! #NewsFail #dumpemout #NewsFlash #HotAF #showmeyourtits #BeatTheHeat #titsoutforharambe Stardust Resort & Casino 1958 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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