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My adventures with Rubik’s cube started in 1981 when I totally fell in love with the cube. Even though the cube originator was from Hungary – a neighboring country, it was easier to get the cube in Japan rather than in Czechoslovakia. I got my first cube (out of approximately 18 which have been destroyed by myself during my cube career) in the summer of 1981. In April 1982, I won the Czech Championship in Rubik’s Cube organized by Czech magazine Mlady Svet. Out of three attempts to solve the cube, the best time determined the rank. My time was 23.55 sec. If you are interested about the details of my system for solving the cube, click here. The same year, on June 5, The First World Championship in Rubik’s Cube was held in Budapest in the Vigado Concert Hall. Total 19 speed cubists attended the event… read more >

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