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Sable Starr Lived A Wild Life As A Groupie, Until One Rocker Pushed Her Too Far

Sable Starr, left, and fellow groupie Lori Maddox, right, pose with Dave Hill, the guitarist from Slade. Hero shot: Johnny Thunders and Sable Starr.

The life of Sable Starr seemed glamorous from the outside, but before long the child groupie found it to be more than she could handle.

A lot of people dream of being rock stars. Often, it’s not the music that makes the idea so appealing, it’s the lifestyle. For a certain type of person, the groupies are a big part of the allure, though like with many things about the rock star lifestyle, the stereotypical image of the groupie isn’t exactly the truth.

At the height of the ’70s, there was a far darker side to the groupie scene. And Sable Starr, often described as “Queen of the Groupies,” was at the heart of it.

Sable Starr got into the rock scene at an early age. By 12, she was frequently attending concerts with her friends. At one of those concerts, she lost her virginity to the guitarist of the band Spirit. This first taste of the rock and roll lifestyle was intoxicating, and Starr began frequenting trendy clubs in Los Angeles with her friends… read more >


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