Sam the Olympic Eagle Anime

Eagle Sam (イーグルサム) is an anime based on Sam the Olympic Eagle, the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics mascot that ran exclusively in Japan for 51 episodes between April 7th, 1983 to March 29th, 1984 on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). The show centers around Private Investigator Sam of Los Angeles, who is mysteriously transformed into an anthropomorphic eagle resembling the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Mascot. With the help of his comically busty assistant, Canary Carina, Sam has to fight the bad guys and chase down his nemesis, a cockroach riding a skateboard. Sam’s hat contains almost everything he needs, and when the going gets tough, he takes out magical Olympic rings to help save the day… read more >

Sam The Los Angeles Eagle 1984 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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