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Satisfaction through sacrifice

Some things are just better with you. It’s nice to share what I have with a person that appreciates it. Even if it means that I don’t get all of it to myself. Satisfaction through sacrifice. Because seeing you happy makes me happy. We make each other happy. So I want to give you what I have. I want to share every moment with you. I want to show you what I’ve been reading. I want to tell you about my life. And even though it sometimes gets all boring, it’s nice to know that you care. You can wear my clothes, or put on my slippers even if they’re too big, and I’ll walk through the house with cold feet admiring every inch of you as you dance through the kitchen with fumbling feet… read more >

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Alamo Drunk

When you get home after a long night of pounding Alamo’s at Sugarfoot’s with the boys and you’re trying to convince your wife that you’re

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