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Save The Goon Docks

The Goon Docks is the poorer part of Astoria, Oregon. Blue-collar workers such as liberal arts degree earners and fishermen live here with their families. Those who live in the richer “Hillside” area of town look down on the citizens of the Docks, usually referring to them as “Goonies.” Mr. Perkins wishes to purchase the entirety of the Docks in order to build a golf course over its location. He has purchased every house in the area, with the last one he is waiting on being the Walsh residence.

The day before it is to be signed, the Goonies set off on one last adventure to find lost pirate treasure, in hopes of saving their home. When the morning of the purchase comes, Irving Walsh begins to sign off on the paperwork to foreclose his home. However, after the discovery of a marble bag full of gemstones, the documents are torn up, with the promise that the little treasure that survived will be able to save every home in the Goon Docks. This is the general synopsis of the 1985 movie, The Goonies. The Goon Docks is a fictional neighborhood and does not exist in real-life Astoria, though the Goonies house is very much is real and you can actually go and visit it.

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