Say Yes to Michigan

Before “Pure Michigan” there was Yes Michigan!. This campaign was run through the 80s to promote tourism. The commercial was originally aired on 01/04/1987.

The “Say Yes to Michigan” campaign was launched in January 1982 during the Super Bowl weekend, a time when national attention was focused on the Pontiac Silverdome. Advertisements, T-shirts, buttons and other items were created. The slogan also appeared on the official state map in 1982.

A variation of the phrase was a simple “Yes! Michigan.” A television commercial was created in 1986 to celebrate Michigan’s 150th birthday. A syrupy jingle was produced: “Yes! Michigan — The Feeling is Forever.” The “Yes to Michigan” slogan reached almost cliché status when it was used to sell everything from apples to automobiles. In 1984 a U.P. version evolved, “Say Ya to da U.P., Eh!”

In 1997 Travel Michigan created the slogan “Great Lakes. Great Times” accompanied by a new logo featuring a lighthouse, orange sun and blue waves. Welcome signs with the new logo were placed at various points entering the state. An extensive advertising campaign was carried out… Read more >

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