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SCCA Canadian American Challenge Cup

It’s been 50 years since the first SCCA Canadian American Challenge Cup season in 1966. Cars that competed in the original 1966–1974 series still draw fans to racetracks to feel them shake the earth in vintage events. Why? Because Can-Am is simply the stuff of legends. It featured the fastest, most powerful sports cars running under a minimal-rules regime that allowed the widest scope for innovation. These exotic machines were driven by the top road-racing drivers on the planet, including champion racers from Formula 1, Indy-car, and endurance racing, and even the occasional NASCAR or NHRA star… read more and view the gallery >

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European Lover

Even though my first cars were all American and spanned the muscle car spectrum, at one point I decided that I needed a ‘serious car’

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Speed Demon

“Fast women and slow horses will ruin your life.” ― Thomas Shelby Speed Demon 1979 Vintage Men’s Ringer T-Shirt

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Pinball Wizard

Every arcade had its Pinball Wizard back in the day, but what is the real history of the silver ball? Pinball in its modern form

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