Most people today living in the Bitter Lake area of Seattle probably have no idea that their neighborhood was once home to a racetrack, specifically, Aurora Stadium Speedway.

Back in the 1930s, the Aurora suburb of Seattle had an outdoor amusement park called Playland. By 1941, the owners decided to add a 1/4 mile dirt oval track to expand the attractions, but unfortunately the War broke out by the end of that year and halted racing till the boys came home. By 1946, the Aurora Speedway roared again, with Jalopy and Midget races on a weekly basis. Sometime in the early 50s the track was paved which allowed greater speeds, less dust, and an expanding roster of racing classes.

Unfortunately, as the north Seattle area began to grow in population and develop more housing, the new neighbors complained about the track noise, which lead to its closure in 1958. The Playland amusement park would only last 2 more years, closing the entire facility in 1960. Enjoy this color film of a Midget Race from its heyday, and check out the local hot rods rolling in at the beginning of the footage. H/T >

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