Seattle’s Original Blues Bar: The Walrus Tavern

One of our mainstays for live music in the early 70’s was the Walrus Tavern about 85 th NE and Greenwood Ave in Seattle. A bunch of us would go to school all day at the University of Washington and put in several hours at KCMU FM Radio which we helped to found in 1971-72. Of course, KCMU FM later morphed into KEXP FM in Seattle. But that’s another story and article on this website you can find under the Birth of KCMU FM, or “Congratulations, It’s A Radio Station”!

The Walrus always had great music; both local bands and name acts. I remember hearing Albert Collins (the incredible blues artist), the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils and others like John Lee Hooker that I didn’t hear. You can actually hear one of John Lee Hooker’s performances at the Walrus if you go to YouTube. We also loved the local group “Lance Romance” and many more… read more >

Walrus Tavern Seattle 1971 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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