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Shiner Premium Beer Van

Today’s story is about the Shiner Premium Beer van and the masterminds who brought it to life. Brian Jordan and John Tullis are a writer/art director team at McGarrah Jessee in Austin, Texas and the creators of the Shiner Premium van, which was completed recently and just featured in Rolling Heavy Issue #3. Vinvanco tracked these boys down to talk about this very cool 1974 Chevy G10 van… read more >

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Bobs Got Balls

It’s often very funny, which is something I never expected to say about a Conjuring film (the difference between this and something like La Llorona

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Wet hot Summer back in 1974

Remember when Playboy was a thing? #Playboy #VintageMagazine #Coke #wettshirtcontest #Summer #Classic #Magazine #70s #1974 Lusty Lady Seattle 1977 Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

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