Shitbox Of Doom Goes Greasy Side Up

Aydan Bailey, the son of drag-and-drive star and promoter of the very “Sick Week” event he was competing in last week, Tom Bailey, was unhurt in a high-speed rollover crash on the final day of competition Friday at the Bradenton Motorsports Park.

The 18-year-old Bailey, driving the familiar “Shitbox of Doom” Chevy 210 wagon made famous years ago by NHRA stars Richie Crampton and Jonnie Lindberg, had clicked off a series of 8-second runs in the preceding days, including a best of 8.25 at 264 mph in Adel, Georgia, and had just recorded a week-best 8.20-second elapsed time when his patina’ed wagon hooked right at the 1/4-mile stripe and turned onto its roof. Thankfully, after a couple of tense moments for Tom and all involved, Aydan climbed from the car with only harm to his pride… read more >

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