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Shorty Chevy Packing a C7 Corvette

Vans are seeing a surge in popularity again, especially when it comes to over landing rigs. Builds like these are designed for livability and reliability, but what if you want something a little more exciting to drive? A custom car shop in Sweden called Caresto has the answer. After loving vans as a kid, the shop’s owner, Leif Tufvesson, bought a 1978 shorty Chevy van out of an alley in Los Angeles. He had it shipped back to Sweden, but he wasn’t quite sure which direction the van build would take when it arrived. However, when a customer project changed directions and a C7 Corvette donor car was suddenly sitting around, it all began to take shape pretty quickly. It’s not done yet, but this shorty van is almost 100 percent Corvette underneath, and it’s doubtlessly going to be an epic machine when it’s finished… read more >

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