Sinclair Microvision MTV1B in 1966

After its abortive launch in 1966, the Sinclair Microvision miniature television disappeared into Sinclair’s development laboratory for another decade before finally making it to the market. Still advertised as the Microvision, though formally called the TV1A to distinguish it from its prototype predecessor, the device was first launched at the end of 1976 in the United States. The design of the TV1A was significantly different from that of the prototype. AEG Telefunken of Germany had developed a miniature cathode ray tube exclusively for Sinclair, while the bulk of the electronics had been custom-designed for Sinclair Radionics. In hindsight, the TV1A was a notable departure for the company, which hitherto had depended on adapting existing components; now it was developing its own hardware. This was a significant step forward, paving the way for the much more ambitious hardware development programs of the 1980s… read more >

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