MC, skater, crate digger, SK8-TV host, Thrasher Magazine contributor, skate rock champion, LA rap pioneer. Skatemaster Tate, born Jorge ‘Gerry’ Hurtado, could be labeled a range of guises. An avid thrasher as a teen growing up in Los Angeles, Tate became a top skate competitor quickly, but ultimately decided to ditch one deck for another, establishing himself as one of LA’s original vinyl-collecting hip-hoppers making beats and spitting raps about skateboarding, half pipes, and the best taco place in San Francisco… read more >

Skatemaster Tate A Way of Life 1988 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Beach Life ’64

A cool snapshot of Southern California beach life in the Summer of 1964. #BoysOfSummer #SoCal #1964 #California #Surfing #Beach #Waves #Vintage #Psyne #BeachBoys #VW #VintageCars

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Stone Dead Forever

Lemmy and Gaye Advert of ‘The Adverts’ walking London’s Soho District in back in ’77. Black Death Malt Liquor 1976 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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