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Skating The Nude Bowl

The legendary Nude Bowl. You’ve most likely heard about it, or maybe you’ve even seen it in photos and videos. It’s a place that is on almost every skater’s bucket list. It’s way off the beaten path in the California desert, and a 4-wheel drive is your best bet to reach it, as there are no paved roads. Even with its remote locale, the artwork in the pool itself changes almost daily, it seems. Night sessions with portable gennys and lights are not uncommon.

The name “Nude Bowl” comes from the fact that the site was once a nudist resort called “Desert Gardens Ranch.”

Some days the place has an air of danger (according to some people we have spoken to that have recently made the trek) – which is not surprising when you see bullet casings littering the desert floor, broken bottles and beer cans and remnants of parties that most likely have gone on long into the night. Yet on other days it just feels like a calm slice of paradise that you have all to yourself. The day we were there felt just like that… read more >

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