Slightly Modified Chevy LUV

Fans of small, light pickup trucks fell in love with the Chevy LUV in the 1970s. The trickle of little trucks from Japan that began in the late 1950s had grown into a flood by the early 1970s. The growing market of small truck buyers included young people who had discovered the benefits of Japanese-made cars in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and business operators who wanted a smaller, lower-priced alternative to the trucks being turned out by the Big Three automakers… read more >

LUV Truck 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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King of the road

This ’70 Ford E300 with just 30k original miles popped up in the local Facebook Marketplace recently and had us drooling over what an amazing

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thrill of speed

“Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” – Hunter S. Thompson Death Proof 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Expect the unexpected

All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One: Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two: Take it outside. Never start anything

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