so deep that your soul feels shaken

Deep breaths – so deep that your soul feels shaken. Let it hit the base of your belly and ignite a moment of absolute intensity. Let the sun catch your eyes, as it shimmers gently against your face and reminds you that you are living. Lie across the cold tiles, and let the hairs on your skin stand tall as the cold bed of porcelain your back leans against taps the depths of your vertebrate and activates your core. Throw your hair behind your head and bend your neck upward into the sky as you glorify your own existence… read more >

Stay Wild 1989 Vintage Women’s T-Shirt

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Record Party

At a time when people seem more divided than ever before, it’s hopeful to see an uptick in album sales and music lovers’ voracious appetite

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Twisted as Fuck

Old school twisted chopper forks are dope as hell, so these extra long ones must be extra dope. California Cycle Works 1969 F/B Vintage Men’s

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