St. Regis Logging Truck out of Mineral 1949

The logs coming out of Mineral, Wash., in 1949 were giants. The following information about this photo comes from the Tacoma Public Library:

“An unidentified driver and two St. Regis timber workers sent a load of logs on its way from Camp #2 in Mineral, Washington to the company’s paper mill in Tacoma in August 1949.

In 1949, St. Regis was making kraft paper in six of their mills; they manufactured about 360,000 tons of kraft paper per year. Tacoma was the newest kraft paper producing mill; paper production began there January 5, 1949. St. Regis purchased a pulp mill in Tacoma in 1930; they spent years modernizing and expanding the company’s facilities. Before 1949 they had only manufactured pulp and multiwall bags at the Tacoma plant.

In 1985 the mill became Simpson Tacoma Kraft Co. when it was purchased by Simpson Paper Co. of San Francisco.” H/T>

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