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staying strange and untouchable

Snakes as necklaces and men as handbags: Document gets a lesson in playful elegance from women who know how to command a room. ‘Aging gracefully’ is an area of expertise for the French—and not just for their wine and cheese. They uphold that beauty, too, enriches with the years, granting women an aura of confidence that empowers them to define aging on their own terms. So while aging denotes wisdom, it can also unlock a new level of playfulness. As Guillaume Roemaet captures 5 models from Silver Model Management in an abandoned Paris apartment, Document asks them about their age-defying beauty philosophies; their responses emphasize self-respect—without taking themselves too seriously. Read more and view the gallery >

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Rare Bird

It’s easy to think we know everything there is to about the most romanticized eras of racing. Yet as newly discovered documents from the development

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Indescribably Delicious

Miss July 1979, Dorothy Mays, is seen here rocking a surely quite fitting ‘indescribably delicious’ t-shirt while holding a softball as a scale reference. Indescribably

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Tamiya Sand Scorcher Custom

The Tamiya Sand Scorcher was the sixteenth 1/10-scale electric radio-controlled car kit released by Japanese model manufacturer Tamiya Corporation. First introduced on December 15, 1979,

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