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Stoned in Texas

This amazing collection captured by a federal photographer of teenagers smoking weed in the 70’s will show you a different perspective. There are the kind of federal photographers capturing images of kids blazing up that undermine and stigmatize marijuana use – and then there are these federal photographs. These are the kinds of photographs that tell the truth about marijuana and those who use it. These images of kids toking on weed in Texas in the 70s were taken as part of a project launched by the Environmental Protection Agency about environmental issues… read more >

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El Sol Bar

Located off West 166th Street in New York City’s Bronx neighborhood, El Sol Bar was a popular local watering hole for decades. Despite appearances, this

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Beaver Hunt

Beaver Hunt is a pornographic magazine aimed at men and published in the United States. It was first published in 1979 by Larry Flynt. It

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