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Straight Outta Canada: Hayes Trucks

When the subject “what’s the toughest heavy truck ever made” comes up, the name Hayes, of Vancouver, B.C., is sure to make mention time and again. These over-built nearly indestructible monsters were well regarded by those who owned and operated them, and while you could find them at work nearly anywhere in Western Canada (and even the rest of the county to a degree), most could be found toiling away in logging regions of the BC west coast and interior.

Today there is nothing like them, not even close. And even back when they were being built, there were few trucks from any maker, that could touch them. Hayes is legendary!

The firm, originally named Anderson-Hayes, later Hayes Manufacturing, and finally Hayes Trucks, was founded in the 1920s. Over the years they also built buses, logging trailers and no doubt other stuff too… read more >

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