Streetlight Repair

Changing the bulb in a streetlight on Aurora Avenue in Seattle… dig that Lucky Lager billboard. Seeing as this is probably the ’30s or maybe early ’40s, this California beer was definitely in for an uphill battle as there were plenty of local brews and Seattleites were diehard local brew aficionados.

Lucky Lager San Francisco 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Sunny Jim

The peanut butter brand known as Sunny Jim was manufactured in Seattle, Washington by Germanus Wilhelm Firnstahl in 1921 after he moved to Seattle from

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Highboy Dent Side

The term “Highboy” has been used to refer to the 1967-1977.5 Ford F-250 4X4, although ‘Highboy’ wasn’t actually a Ford term. The early 4X4 pickups

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Wikieup, Arizona

Between Phoenix and Kingman lies a town so small, most people just pass right through. Blink and you might miss Wikieup, home to less than

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