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Stuntman Mike Rendezvous with His Girlfriend

Little is known about the serial killer known as Stuntman Mike beyond his history as an aging stunt driver and his preference in victim: young, unsuspecting women who he stalks from a distance before striking.

Stuntman Mike is first seen in a bar in Austin, Texas, approaching three young women – Arlene Butterfly Machiallie, DJ Jungle Julia Lucai and Shanna Bannana. While he is eating a tray of nachos, he offers a ride home to Pam, an old acquaintance of Julia’s, and then recognizes Julia from a billboard ad. Mike approaches her outside, introducing himself before walking back into the bar, explaining his history of stunt double TV show roles to Pam and other patrons. The stuntman then returns to Arlene’s group, reciting part of a poem to fulfill a radio challenge by Julia that would see Arlene offer a lap dance in exchange; she tries to nullify the deal, due to having seen Mike’s car earlier in the day. Asking if he has been following them, Mike puts her at ease (partly by saying she’s chicken), and Arlene agrees to the dance… read more >

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