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Stupid Comics: Tiger Girl

Let your mind take you back to the groovy days of the Summer Of Love, when Nehru jackets and love beads were the fashion statement that said “I have no taste whatsoever” and some comic books were struggling to stay relevant while others were just struggling. Case in point: TIGER GIRL. No relation to “Tiger Boy” from “Unearthly Spectaculars”, 1968’s TIGER GIRL is a Gold Key attempt to cash in on the superhero craze of the mid 1960s. Since the superhero craze had peaked two years previously, we can probably guess how successful Tiger Girl was for Gold Key. One whole issue, that’s how successful it was. But hey, it’s a comic about a blonde in a cat-girl fetish outfit who fights crime with a circus tiger! Surely this is a concept that dozens, maybe HUNDREDS of peculiarly-obsessed comic book readers had been waiting for. Fun, depressing fact: TIGER GIRL was scripted by Superman creator Jerry Siegel… read more >

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