Sunset Strip 1979

The Sunset Strip in 1979 was a place of glamour, glitz, and glitter. It was the decade of disco ball and power suits. It was a time when the only people who could afford to live on the Strip were rock stars and movie stars—and they did so in style. The Sunset Strip was home to some of the most famous clubs in America: The Roxy, The Whisky A Go-Go, The Rainbow Bar & Grill. These clubs were where rock stars played and partied, where movie stars went out for drinks after work, and where everyone came together to see and be seen. And then there were all those other places: The Tower Records store on Sunset Boulevard, which is where every kid wanted to be seen shopping; The Book Soup bookstore (which later became an indie record store), which was where everyone wanted to be seen browsing; And the Tower Theatre (now demolished), which was always packed with people eager for their next fix of entertainment. H/T>

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