Super Samuri: English for the Ultimate Z-Car

Spike Anderson grew up as a tuner in England in the 1960s with Broadspeed, whose 10,000-rpm Minis were unbeatable in their day. When he went solo in 1973 to start Race Head Services, Anderson ended up with a new Datsun 240Z. But having built Chevy V8-powered Austin-Healeys at Broadspeed, he thought the Z was a little down on power. A cylinder head specialist, Anderson performed his magic on the Z’s inline-6 head, then developed his own exhaust manifold. Next came triple Weber carburetors and tuned suspension. Voila, Super Samuri was born (he had to leave out the second “a” in Samurai because the Super Samurai name was already trademarked)… read more >

Super Samuri 240Z 1973 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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