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The Super Van was re-built for the movie “Super Van” in the early 70’s. It started out as the Love Machine in the late 60’s, made out of a Dodge Sportsman Van. Super Van was example of the ultimate in futuristic motoring with solar energy. The 318 cubic inch engine and automatic transmission were not changed, but the undercarriage was beefed up with Bilstein Shocks, for added stability and performance. The body was modified to establish a basic belt line from which fore and aft dual vertical arches (that house quad mercury tubing safety roll bars) act as air foil spoilers at the very top, which provides added high speed control. The grille bars are of “V” type to accent the body line, with K.C. quartz lights for full flood road illumination, behind the outer bars. The rear grille-bumper assembly is unitized with chrome face and colored offcast to match the front grille bars. U.S. Steel sheeting was used to from the aerodynamic sculptured body panels. Polaroid charcoal tinted glass is used at vision areas throughout the vehicle except for the center rear section, in which adjustable louvers were installed, matching the louvers along the very top of the side windows. The right side master door glass lifts like a gullwing and the body door section at that points lowers for easy entrance as well as to unveil the elegant plush interior… read more >

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