Surf Nazis Must Die

A sort of Clockwork Orange meets Mad Max on the beach, Surf Nazis Must Die hasn’t one redeeming feature. Time is the near future and California’s social fabric has been torn apart by a devastating earthquake. It’s hell out there on the beaches.

Striving for supremacy are the Surf Nazis, who live in a beach bunker, own beweaponed surfboards, bristle with knives and swastika tattoos, and are fueled by a surfing Fuhrer – Adolf – who has a dream of owning the ‘new beach.’

Not much else is clear until a revenge-seeking mother takes on the Nazis after they kill her son; prior to this there are various and often bloody fights between the Nazis and the other gangs, and there’s even regular surf footage interspersed. The hulking mother, played by Bobbie Bresee, turns out to be quite a handful and wreaks gory retribution on each of the nasty Nazis.

Pic looks like most of its budget went on its titles, a not unlikeable score, and a surprisingly punchy and facetious trailer. – Variety, 1986

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