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Takara G-2 Go-Bots

One of the many parts of vintage Transformers collecting that never ceases to be fascinating is Generation 2. A large part of that is undoubtedly the sheer volume of prototype and mock-up stuff hanging around unproduced, just teasing us with what could have been. Yet, the toys that made it to retail also continue to have their surprises, especially when you factor in the Takara releases. True, most of the Takara stuff is nigh-on identical to what we received from Hasbro bar the packaging, but the so-called ‘G-2’ line did reserve a bit of a quirk for its take on the Go-Bots. There may have only been three of them released in total, but that’s not so bad when you consider the entirety of G-2 was just nineteen toys over one year. Hardly the most auspicious outing for Takara… Read more >


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