Teenage Booby Trap

This is an incredible anti-drug comic book giveaway produced by the now defunct bureau of narcotics & dangerous drugs (later the DEA) in 1970. This 32 page booklet is full of propaganda and some far out “facts” about drugs and how they will ruin your life. All the popular drugs are included, and the history of drug use and abuse is discussed in some depth. Drugs are shown being used and abused on almost every page. Marijuana (classified as a hallucinogen) and how it is a gateway drug is shown in detail, LSD and bad tripping, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cocaine, the problem of overdosing on amphetamines causing the sensation of bugs crawling all over you (see pic from comic), barbiturates and the convulsions they bring are discussed and of course opium, morphine, heroin and the horrors of opiate withdrawal are fully shown in great comic book detail.

This is a very cool comic book with its detailed drawings of the horrors of drug abuse and the consequences, like suicide, involvement in organized crime, withdrawal, and jail. The book is done in the style of the informational premium comics done in the 50s and 60s without word balloons, but most definitely comic book in style. Done in the psychedelic art motif that many love comics by DC used back in this period, the book is full of factual as well as exaggerated information for your favorite troubled teen. “But wait, where can I check out the whole comic” you ask? Thankfully, Ethan Persoff has posted a complete copy on his super rad site that you can browse through while getting high… check it out here >

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