Television’s Marquee Moon: The Story of a Band, A City, and Guitar Rock Masterpiece

If ever a band was a product of a particular time and place, it’s Television. If ever there was a record indebted to that same time and place, it’s Marquee Moon. The guitar rock masterpiece, which married artful technicality with the menace and energy of New York’s then-nascent punk scene, took rock and roll into arenas that had not yet been named at the time of its 1977 release. Today, you can call it underground, indie, whatever you want. What’s less subject for debate is the record’s influence. In eight tracks, Marquee Moon cast a spell on generations of future guitar misfits, many of which, including Pavement, Sonic Youth, and Built to Spill, would rise to prominence during the guitar rock heyday of the ’90s… read more >

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