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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Review

When I think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, gentrification, social media and capitalism are not the words that come to mind. However, director David Blue Garcia and screenplay scribe Chris Thomas Delvin decided to bring all of these elements together to create the first entry on my worst-of-the year-list.

This logic-free film stars Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher and Mark Burnham as the Leatherface slasher. The actors try their best to navigate an unfortunate script, but nothing can save this Netflix movie from caving under the weight of its irrationality.

Three self-righteous Austin entrepreneurs, Dante (Jacob Latimore), Ruth (Nell Hudson) and Melody (Yarkin), and her kid sister Lila (Fisher) travel to Harlow, Texas, in hopes of fulfilling their dream of creating a workspace environment. These people are well aware of the town’s history, but since it’s a relative ghost town, and Leatherface (Burnham) hasn’t killed in years, they figured this was a great place to work and make money… read more >


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