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that 70s show vanstock episode

Vanstock is episode six of That ’70s Show season two which sees the gang going to Vanstock, a mini-Woodstock for vanners. Kelso has a hard time two-timing Jackie with Laurie, especially because Hyde tries everything to get him caught, until he literally ends up out in the cold. After Donna shuns Eric for not telling her he knew about Kelso’s infidelity, Hyde points out that even he doesn’t rat on a mate. Meanwhile, frustrated unemployed Red gets intrigued by Midge’s soap but remains his cranky self at Kitty’s annual hospital dinner.

The end credits segment of this episode is a parody of the sitcom Soap (1977). During the end credits the narrator says, “And whatever happened to Midge’s daughter, Tina?,” a reference to a character (Amanda Fuller) who appeared in “Eric’s Burger Job” (s1e5) and is never seen or mentioned again.

The guy with the bullhorn warning about the blue acid is a parody of an actual event at the 1969 Woodstock Festival, where attendees were warned over the PA system by DJ Wavy Gravy not to take the brown acid that was being circulated because the LSD had produced some very negative reactions.

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