That Awkward Magic School Bus Episode When Ms. Frizzle took the kids to get nutted on by salmon

Remember that one time when Ms. Frizzle loaded up the Magic School Bus and took the kids to get nutted on by salmon? Yeah, no idea who is signing permission slips for some of these trips, but I’m pretty sure administrators had a talk with Ms. Frizzle after shit like this went down. Here’s the episode synopsis for those who are interested: “Ralphie is in charge of bringing the fish for the school’s Fish Fry, but unfortunately, there are no salmon in the spot he usually fishes with his uncle. Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a field trip to find out where the salmon are and changes The Magic School Bus in to a migrating salmon. Eventually, they find them, the students becoming salmon themselves. Now vegans who want to leave the salmon alone, they bring fish-shaped potatoes to the fry instead.”

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If you’re really interested in checking out this spectacle, here’s the full episode. Things get really weird at about the 16:30 mark…


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