That Time Dead Kennedys Went on Trial for Vulgar Album Art and Changed The Music Industry

For decades now, people have been blessed each year with countless amazing rock albums. But rock music evolved, and it included more than just the regular blues rooted stuff with I-IV-V chord progressions and cheerful sounding melodies accompanied by love-themed lyrics. We got hard rock, we got heavy metal, we got punk, as well as many other, more extreme, genres of music all stemming from rock ‘n’ roll. Punk music and hardcore punk, in particular, made a really huge impact, especially with the politically charged lyrical themes. One of the bands that stuck out in this whole punk and hardcore punk movement is, without any doubts, Dead Kennedys. With their songs either tackling social issues, or just being provocative enough to piss people off, they managed to cement their place in modern music history… read more >

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