The 2023 So-Cal Slow Ride Saw Over 100 Vans Make The Scene

The 2023 So-Cal Slow Ride cruise event featured more than 100 vans, complete with flames, velvet, and tons of throwback grooviness. To this day, many hot-rodders regard vans with a certain disdain. Yet, like it or not, these colorful and occasionally outlandish transporters very much belong to our scene’s history. Keep in mind that events such as the National Truck-Ins of the 1970s attracted up to 3,500 vehicles, the vast majority of which were vans. You could see them everywhere during the ’70s, too, with plenty cruising SoCal’s famous Van Nuys Boulevard in particular. Even the HOT ROD staff built a Chevy van, and devoted several magazine covers to vans throughout the ’70s and early ’80s… read more >

Slow Ride Boogie Van 1975 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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