The 89 Cent 6-Pack: When Red White & Blue Was the Best Deal in Beer

There’s no shortage of cheap beer out there, but 6-packs that hover below the $1 mark are practically unheard of. And while it may sound like an urban legend that one uncle likes to tell when he reminisces about his college days, it turns out such a beer did, in fact, exist.

If you had a few extra shekels clinking around in your pocket back in the ’70s, you could pop into the local shop and buy a 6-pack of Red White & Blue Beer for 89 cents — yes, a whole 6-pack. Even by disco-age standards, that was a steal, at less than half the going rate for a sixer in 1970. The Pabst-owned brew clocked in at 3.2 percent ABV, packed 10 IBUs, and from a packaging perspective, it was essentially Pabst Blue Ribbon without the ribbon. It was an American session lager before session was even a term in the beer industry vocabulary… read more >

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